Thursday, 19 March 2009

A cat is more intelligent than my flat mate!

About a month ago my 2 flatmates and i took the plunge and decided that we would not accept the renewal offer from our landlord and instead opted to find alternative accomodation. We managed to find a really nice house with 5 bedrooms and a garden which in all honesty was just to big but for the same price was considered very seriously!

One of the plus points was that we could have an animal, and it was deceided that a cat would be the most approapriate species due to its independance, so me and Calvin decided that a cat would be the prefered choice only to be denied by Chris.

Chris' excuse was that he just didnt like cats and was adamant that he didnt want a cat.

In my conclussion i believe that Chris didnt want a cat because he knows that a cat is more intelligent than him!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

When i was younger i saved the chocolate drops from a bun until last!

I have come to the conclussion that my life is going to be split in to 3 sections.

1) Childhood
2) Career(hood)
3) Retirement(hood)

Its a pretty basic way to look at life but its easy to understand.

Section 1 starts with being born we have fun until were 16- 21 (or more if your lucky)

Section 2 starts with the first job

Section 3 starts with the END (or retirement as i like to call it)

Imagine a freshley baked bun with chocolate drops in it, when i was younger i would unwrap the bun (section 1)

Break up the bun and eat all the cake (section 2)

Then finally devour the chocolate drops in a frenzy reminisent of feeding time at the zoo. (section 3)

So hopefully my life will be like a Bun with chocolate drops in it........................................

Might come back to that one.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Why would anyone organise their own Birthday Party??

Well it sounded like a good idea, organise a party to celebrate the milestone in life that is 25years old (1/4 century for the purists). What i didnt realise at the time of agreeing to this debacle (thats what it feels like) is that how concerned i would be in regards to how many people will actually show up and will i look like a plum with no mates!!

Hang on a minute who cares how many people turn up to this party i mean i dont care there is going to be good music, drinking and maybe depending on how i feel a bowl of cheesey wotsits!.................Shit actually i do care, i know its self obsesive but come on you have to understand that hosting your own Birthday party is the ultimate test in popularity! its an event that people are going to turn up to based on the sole decision of wether they like you or not!. I suppose i could always invite family as a last resort, they have got to be guaranteed? Mum would be a shoe in, surely!!!

So many sleepless nights will now follow as i contemplate what im sure will be a fantastic evening with lots of friends enjoying each others company and dancing away into the evening.

Now where did i put mums phone number? :-\