Thursday, 19 March 2009

A cat is more intelligent than my flat mate!

About a month ago my 2 flatmates and i took the plunge and decided that we would not accept the renewal offer from our landlord and instead opted to find alternative accomodation. We managed to find a really nice house with 5 bedrooms and a garden which in all honesty was just to big but for the same price was considered very seriously!

One of the plus points was that we could have an animal, and it was deceided that a cat would be the most approapriate species due to its independance, so me and Calvin decided that a cat would be the prefered choice only to be denied by Chris.

Chris' excuse was that he just didnt like cats and was adamant that he didnt want a cat.

In my conclussion i believe that Chris didnt want a cat because he knows that a cat is more intelligent than him!

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