Monday, 6 July 2009

Its been a while!

Well what the fuck happened to the Blog! i hear you cry!.....all erm two of you! Big up to my main men Ricky B and The Web Master!

Well i have been on a summer sabbatical to Facebook, which i have to say i am now getting more and more frustrated with. In fact I'm getting more and more frustrated with modern technology as a whole, i literally have the world at my finger tips and unlimited source of information, up to date news and facebook! Does this make my life easier? Well yeah it does but not in a good way.

As an example i have had many conversations in the pub and questions have arose like, What was Iraq called before it was called Iraq? and is Vera Lynn a member of the BNP? Now ordinarily we would have conversation, debate and each person would put forward there case as to why they think there answer is the right one, thus encouraging people to communicate and debate each others views. But no, out came the I-phone and quick as a flash Iraq used to be called Babylon (Mesopotamia) and Vera Lynn was definitely not a member of the BNP, in fact it was reported that she was suing the BNP for using one of her songs on a BNP campaign CD (it has to have been White Cliffs of Dover, surely).

It really annoys me that the person who obtained the information then acted like he was the intelligent one! 'yeah well done for entering the word Vera Lynn and BNP in to Google, you must have at least a 2.1 degree in something important like Drama or performing arts from somewhere intellectual like Huddersfield) TOSSER!

Anyway i have also found that i need to know information about my friends on Facebook at regular intervals and have become fascinated by some of the shit that people put on their sites! For example right now some one is "?? has spent the last 30 mins trying to get through to paypal but they have a voice recognition menu and where hollie is runnin around the front room shouting it cant understand me!!!!! RAAAAHHHHHHHHH! lol!

...............................................Erm.............................right.............................................No that's it, i have no fucking idea why you have decided to share that! Is it relevant to anything in life at all? No!

Its then that some one comments "are you ok hun?" That's when i decide that enough is enough and i write the following:

"To my dearest ?? i thank you for sharing your information with me and feel that i have learnt so much more about you from your riveting updates about how your day has been and the trials and tribulations you go through. I wish you all the success in the world with getting through to Pay Pal and hope you can update me soon with news! Yours sincerely on the edge of my seat! J Bloggy"

The thing is i cant stop! its like this technology has made me curious about a whole lot of shit that i would never really care about and would not want to find out in a million years.

Oh well again i struggle tio finish this blog as it seems i have gone off on something that im not sure is relevant to how i started this rant!

Anyway Technology sucks! Down with Facebook (although just wait until i have put a link to this blog on my facebook page................)

Much love


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